Turtle Nesting Patrol

TURTLETRACKRecently I was offered the opportunity to do Turtle Nesting Patrol with Clearwater Marine Aquarium. The company I work full-time for is responsible for majority of the apparel available at the local aquarium. I love working on this project through David and Goliath. The Clearwater Marine Aquarium rescues, rehabilitate, and releases animals back to the wild. They do amazing things at their facilities, its an honor to design graphics for them.

The David and Goliath team joined the Turtle Nesting Patrol early in the morning before dawn to search the beaches for turtle tracks. We searched all the way from St. Pete Beach to Clearwater beach. Even though we didn’t find any nest, we did see three false crawls. False crawls is when the female sea turtle decides not to lay her eggs and makes her way back the water. Sea turtles will lay eggs again after 15 days. It was pretty cool to see the tracks the turtles made by dragging their body and moving sand around with their flippers. The Turtle Nesting Patrol is a very knowledgable team and super friendly. They explained how the sea turtle lay their eggs and what the nest looks like. They also relocate nest if its too close to shore or if its in the beach restoration zone. I’m thankful I was able to part take in the experience.

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Clearwater Marine Aquarium: www.seewinter.com

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