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Miso Cray and Ninja Night Pj Party

I’m excited to announce that two pattern designs I created for David and Goliath Tees have been released! The first pattern was created for one of their best sellers, Miso Cray. The shirt graphic was created by another artist. I had the pleasure of illustrating fortune cookies, sushi rolls, egg rolls, and little tofu on the run. The second pattern was also created for another best seller, Lazy Days Ninja Nights. The goal was to take a more kawaii vector look in comparison to the photo-collaged original graphic.

The lounge set and shorts are available here. For a limited time, the pj sets are $10 off, so grab them while you can!

[one_third pos=”first”] djlws-16527-bk_misocray [/one_third] [one_third pos=”last”] djlwb-16528_misocray-boxer [/one_third] MISO-01

[one_third pos=”first”] djlws-16531-bk_ninjanights [/one_third] [one_third pos=”last”] boxer-16531-bk_ninjanights [/one_third]