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Drawventure July 2015


Are you ready for Drawventure Live! This Saturday, July 4th, illustrator Tatyana Vogt will be joining us for a lovely morning of art talk and inspiration. She is such a sweet heart and a great inspiration, and I’m incredibly excited to have her on the show. Since it’s forth of July, Drawventure will be a little bit shorter than usual.

Thank you all so much for your support the past few Drawventure Lives. It truly makes me happy and I thoroughly enjoy doing these shows for you.

Drawventure will start at 11 a.m. CST, and you can RSVP to the event here. Feel free to ask questions for Tatyana and I in the comments.


Special Guest Tatyana Vogt also known as Avo, creator of Love Tea Cup Kisses, will be sharing helpful insights in balancing personal and work life, working digitally versus traditionally and so much more. Below is a cute time lapse video of one of her recent drawings.

More information about Tatyana:
Website: http://loveteacupkisses.com
YouTube: http://youtube.com/loveteacupkisses

The art marathon doesn’t stop there! Join the action and draw to your heart’s content by sharing your creations with the hashtag #Drawventure. I would love to hear your challenge for this month in the comments below!

Edit – July 7th, 2015

Wow that was an amazing show! Thank you again for all those who participated in Drawventure Live and submitted questions. Here are a few topics Tatyana Vogt – AVO​ and I discussed:

  • Getting started in the Artist Alley
  • Developing a strong portfolio
  • Artist’s block
  • Dealing with negative criticism
  • Structuring commission rates
  • and much much more!

Congratulations to Janalee Gardner and Gweakles, winners of Love Teacup Kisses’ Drawventure giveaway! Thank you again for participating!

Drawventure May 2015

Can you believe Drawventure has been going on for six months already? I have a very special event in store for you this month to celebrate. I’ll be hosting a live stream on my Youtube channel with special guests Boardinker and Gweakles. I’m very honored to have these talented and driven artists join me. We’ll be talking about art while creating new pieces live, and we’d love to have you there.

The broadcast will begin tomorrow morning at 9 AM Central Time. RSVP for the event via Google Hangout here. It would be incredibly awesome if you could share the event, the more the merrier.

The art marathon doesn’t stop there! Join the action and draw to your heart’s content by sharing your creations with the hashtag #Drawventure.

Drawventure April 2015

It’s Drawventure time! My favorite day of the month to push art to the next level. Rules are simple:

  • Identify what you would like to achieve on this adventure
  • Tackle the challenge and draw!
  • Share your progress with the hashtag #DRAWVENTURE

My goal this month is to indulge in my personal art without guilt. Lately I haven’t been able to explore new things with my artwork between working on commissions and producing art rewards for my Kickstarter Juicy Ink. I feel I have to deliver a particular look, doing the same thing over and over. I do learn a lot through commissions, but I want to learn so much more. So this Drawventure, I will be selfish and try all sorts of fun things to my heart’s content.

One of my favorite things about Drawventure is that it’s an excellent way to jumpstart art development. The things you learn during the art marathon, you can continue to practice at your own pace for the rest of the month. I would love to hear what your goals are and your experience with Drawventure. Don’t forget to support other artists participating by giving words of encouragement.

Haven’t heard of Drawventure? You can catch up here.

Drawventure March 2015



Woohoo! Today is Drawventure! Get your pens and paper ready, it’s going to be an action packed day. Guidelines are as follows:

  • Identify what you would like to achieve on this adventure
  • Tackle the challenge and draw!
  • Share your progress with the hashtag #DRAWVENTURE

My personal goal for this month is to speed up my process. I’ve been finding myself taking too long on drawings when I know I can do it in half the time. I’m ready to knock this silly nonsense of overthinking mark making and have fun! As always, I encourage participants to cheer on their fellow comrades on this art marathon. Its a lot more fun to make art with those who love to draw and share the same passion. Go ahead, reach out to your teammates. A simple comment goes a long way and can bring so much happiness.

If this is your first Drawventure, I recommend visiting last month’s Drawventure blog post for more inspiration.To those who have participated in Drawventure previously, its great to see you again! Ready to make lots of awesome art? Lets go!

Drawventure February 2015


Hey everyone! The next Drawventure is this Saturday, February 7th. For those on the other side of the planet, feel free to join in on Sunday! I’ve been looking forward to this day all month!! I absolutely love Drawventure because it’s a whole day devoted to art without any other nagging responsibilities. It’s a time to be selfish and pick at those creative curiosities that accumulate over time.

If you haven’t heard of Drawventure before, I invite you to join me in this monthly art marathon to improve ourselves as artists. The beautiful thing about art is that there is always something to explore and skills to develop. What are your goals as an creative individual? Do you wish to become better at color, anatomy, composition? Join me and many others who also have the same dreams as you to become better artists. Below are simple steps on how to participate!

  1. Create a list of weaknesses you want to work on
  2. Tackle the challenge and draw!
  3. Share your progress with the hashtag #DRAWVENTURE

Right now, think about what challenges you encounter with your art. Be honest with yourself, the first step towards improving is pinpointing your weaknesses. Share your goals with your peers on social media with the hashtag #DRAWVENTURE so we can all support you on your adventure. This month I’ll be exploring a different medium, digital painting! I’m really excited to dive in this medium for the entire day and discover a workflow that works for me.

I encourage everyone to explore #DRAWVENTURE and support your fellow peers. A simple cheerful comment or helpful advice can work wonders on an artist’s development. You might be surprised to see there are a lot of artists that have the same challenges as you. I can’t wait to see everyone’s art work, let’s make this the best Drawventure yet!

It would be super awesome if you could help spread the word about this art marathon and share this photo. To learn more about Drawventure, visit the previous posts with helpful tips and this post where it all started.