Sweet & Salty Sketchbooks

Before I moved away from Florida, I was working on a personal sketchbook project titled Sweet & Salty. The two books highlight the art styles I frequently draw in. Sweet captured the happy kawaii style while Salty was more mature. If you already have a set of these books, I would like to say thank you so much for the support and encouragement!

With Sweet & Salty, I wanted to challenge myself to make the books by hand. A lot of research went into what paper I wanted to use, packaging, and materials. I went for a matte finish look, similar to the paper I draw on. After I ordered the bulk of paper for this project, I had an uneasy feeling about the paper. I wasn’t content and wanted to provide something more to the readers.

VictoriaGedvillas_FrenchPaperThen I received a wonderful package from a dear friend John from college. He sent me his super cool comic You’ll Never Kill Me (you can check out more of his work here) and the paper he used was exactly what I was looking for. John was incredibly nice and shared what paper he used to me and got me hook on French Paper. Plus they have amazing branding and packaging, love that design!

The project was a great learning experience, but ultimately I wouldn’t do it again. It was a large time investment and the cost continued to added up between misprints, printer ink, paper, etc. I will continue to make mini zines of Ollie Otter and other cute things. Next time I make an art book, I want to have it professionally printed. Below are previews of Sweet & Salty. Enjoy!


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Preview of the Salty Sketchbook Zine :3

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