Pencil Sketch Process

Recently a subscriber from my YouTube channel requested a video about my pencil sketch process, particularly about what goes into my drawings before I start coloring. Here are some helpful tips and things I keep in mind during the initial sketch stage. Surprisingly enough, the pencil drawing takes up majority of the time I invest in a illustration between all the planning and checking.

The paper I use is Cresent Rendr, and it comes in this super awesome pad. I find drawing on tear-out sheets easier in the book, as I I have a difficult time drawing with a thick spine since it puts my hand in an awkward position. I use the rose color pencil from this Prisma Col-Erase set in majority of my drawings. I love how the color blends with Copics. I really enjoy making these videos for everyone because in return it helps me break down and understand my own process.

The music playing in the background is from one of my favorite albums that I literally play every morning. It’s my favorite way to start the day and you can download it here for free! I hope you enjoy this video and if you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments below :3

A little secret for the super awesome people who are reading this blog post, there will be a part two of Punk Sailor Moon illustration which I started in this video. If you have a question about Copic markers that I didn’t address in my Honey Lemon Copic Demo, I will make sure to answer it in the upcoming video :3

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