Banana Sketchbook Misprint
VictoriaGedvillas_Banana02Banana Sketchbook MisprintBanana Sketchbook MisprintBanana Sketchbook Misprint

Banana Sketchbook Misprint

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Missed out on Banana Sketchbook? Don’t mind small blemishes and defects? This is for you!! Limited batch available for the Holiday season.Β Contains my favorite sketches from 2016 that I have a fond attachment to. Artwork ranging from pencil sketches to watercolor studies.

πŸ’– 52 page full color book.
πŸ’– Felt Weave 100# Cover providing wonderful texture
πŸ’– Premium Gloss 100# Text interior pages
πŸ’– Saddle stitch square back – faux perfect bound
πŸ’– Measures 5.5” x 8.5″
πŸ’– Signed by yours truly (include your name at checkout in the order notes!)

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