Planet Comicon 2015

VictoriaGe dvillas_Planetcomicon

Planet Comicon was AWESOME! So many cool artists and people at this show, I’m super glad I took my friend’s recommendation to sign up for the artist alley. The show was March 13-15 in Kansas City, and the next one has already been announced for May 20th-22th, 2016. I will be there!

I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to those who came by my table and said hello. I’m so honored to have amazing people like the ones above follow me. I wish I could give you all big hugs!! I had so much fun talking to every single one of you, really thank you :3

Juicy Ink was received well, and I picked up a lot of cool commissions that I can’t wait to get started on. I’m truly thankful for the types of commissions that come my way, they are all things I really want to draw. Hint Hint Spider Gwen, Magma, Supergirl and more are on the way!


While I was at Planet Comicon, I participated in a panel discussion title “The business of self-promotion” hosted by Nerd For A Living. Unfortunately Peter J. Wacks was unable to join due to a flight emergency, but we were able to have the wonderful Alexi Vanderberg from WordFire Press to share his eccentric insights. Adron, Alexi and I touched on important topics such as niche markets, social media, personal branding and much more. Thank you to those who came to the panel, your enthusiasm and questions were awesome! For more information about the panel, check out this article.  I highly recommend checking out N4AL’s blog, it’s an excellent collection of information, you will not be disappointed.


I’m still glowing from the awesome experience this weekend. I love attending comic conventions, its an awesome chance to catch up with old friends and make new ones.

Coming up next is Megacon in Orlando, FL April 10th-12th.

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