Juicy Ink Kickstarter Update


Lots of excitement lately! It’s been a lot of work getting the book ready for print, but seeing the final product made it all worth it.  Currently, I’m in the middle of finalizing all the rewards and individually packing them with lovely handwritten notes. I can’t wait to ship all the rewards and preorders next Monday. I’m blown away by how many people have preordered the book. It makes me so happy! Below is a preview of the sample book.

The final book turned out AWESOME. My previous handmade sketchbooks were saddle stitched. This time around I envisioned a perfect bound art book. The book is also ten pages longer than originally planned, filled with super secret exclusive pages. It’s amazing to see my development with Copic markers over the past year. In the book there are two versions of the same character, a grown up version of Sailor Mini Moon and the Dark Lady. I love comparing the two and seeing the style choices I made for each.


Exclusive Art Print just for Kickstarter!
Above is the new artwork created just for this Kickstarter. Only twenty were made for those who’s pledges included an art print.

Missed the Kickstarter? Thats ok! You can still preorder the book here. It’ll be shipped with all the others on Monday. After the books are shipped, a pdf version will be available for purchase. Those who did order a physical copy of the book will also receive a one-time use code to download the pdf book.

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