Freebie Friday No. 03

Yay! It’s Freebie Friday!! I realized I haven’t shared a mermaid sketch to download yet, quite shocking since I love drawing them so much!! For this week’s freebie, I would like for your to focus on creating unique textures. Step out side of the norm! You’ll be surprised by what you can create. It will look and feel really awkward at first, but stick through it :3 You’ll find your texture making rhythm soon 😀

As always, feel free to share your creation on social media and tag me @torianne00. I haven’t decided on a hashtag yet – I’m finding it rather difficult to hunt down submissions and worried I’m missing them. Have a fun hashtag idea? Drop it down in the comments below and I will announce the official hashtag next Freebie Friday while sharing amazing inked masterpiece by artists like you!

Only a few day’s of Inktober left! Hang in there!

Pencil Sketch DOWNLOAD


  1. Thanks so much Tori! I love your stuff, and getting to do the fun inking part of the process without the sketch I always manage to mess up! Thank you! (what should we tag out finished products with so you can see them?

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