Drawventure New Year Edition



Happy New Years!!! Lets start the year right by tackling our art goals in a Drawventure this Saturday! Last month’s art marathon was so much fun, I’m so excited to be working with everyone again. It was awesome to see so many artists working together to become better. If you haven’t heard of Drawventure, it’s a monthly challenge on the first Saturday of every month. To see where it all started, you can catch up here.


  1. Create a list of weaknesses you want to work on
  2. Tackle the challenge and draw!
  3. Share your progress with the hashtag #DRAWVENTURE

Here are a few helpful tips to get you started. Collect photos and art that you find inspirational and keep those nearby as you work. Using reference in your artwork can make a huge difference. Feel free to use this art board I have been adding to over the years as a starting point.

While tackling your art challenges, try doing gestures first to loosen up. When I brainstorm a new concept, I’ll do super quick thumbnails. In my recent YouTube video about my pencil sketch process, you can see how I work though this exploration stage. Sometimes, I like my gesture more than my final illustration because there is so much more emotion in the tiny little thumbnail.

My personal goals for this Drawventure are exploring environments and backgrounds to enhance my illustrations. My secondary goal is to practice drawing males, something I rarely do but would love to improve on. I have a mini checklist to keep the momentum going; for example, one of the items on it might be to sketch rough environment photos from my “To Draw One Day” Pinterest board, focusing on big shapes and movement. When creating a list, I want to assign specific actions rather than “get better at drawing environments.” It’s difficult to start working on a vague goal, so make the process easier for yourself by pinpointing tasks.

I would love to hear your goals for this month’s Drawventure in the comment below! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #drawventure so everyone can see your hard work. Feel free to share the image above on your favorite social media so more artists like you can join the fun! The more people involved the more we’ll all learn.


  1. This sounds like soooo much fun!!!! Anyways, I wanna work on my male skills as well as bodies. I’m not a very creative person, so I need to work on coming up with new ideas too >:D shoes are also troublesome… I always just draw converse! I’m so unskilled at backgrounds I’m scared to even try ;P sorry this is so long but, I pretty much need to practice on most things ^.^” CANT WAIT!! I can’t believe I didn’t know about this till now!

    • torianne00

      The great thing about needing to learn more is how awesome the journey will be! I’m excited that you are joining and look forward to all the cute things you create! Drawventure just started last month, thought it would be nice to have one super intense day of art and the rest of the month can be refining those skills.

  2. Ronell anes

    I would love to practice on drawing more males. Males are me weakest spot in the art world.
    Also I would like to work on drawings faces especially in side views. When I draw a character in a side view it always looks weird and deformed.

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