Drawventure May 2015

Can you believe Drawventure has been going on for six months already? I have a very special event in store for you this month to celebrate. I’ll be hosting a live stream on my Youtube channel with special guests Boardinker and Gweakles. I’m very honored to have these talented and driven artists join me. We’ll be talking about art while creating new pieces live, and we’d love to have you there.

The broadcast will begin tomorrow morning at 9 AM Central Time. RSVP for the event via Google Hangout here. It would be incredibly awesome if you could share the event, the more the merrier.

The art marathon doesn’t stop there! Join the action and draw to your heart’s content by sharing your creations with the hashtag #Drawventure.


  1. Question: Do you have any recommendations for white pens? I can’t
    seem to find any that are really good…

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