Drawventure April 2015

It’s Drawventure time! My favorite day of the month to push art to the next level. Rules are simple:

  • Identify what you would like to achieve on this adventure
  • Tackle the challenge and draw!
  • Share your progress with the hashtag #DRAWVENTURE

My goal this month is to indulge in my personal art without guilt. Lately I haven’t been able to explore new things with my artwork between working on commissions and producing art rewards for my Kickstarter Juicy Ink. I feel I have to deliver a particular look, doing the same thing over and over. I do learn a lot through commissions, but I want to learn so much more. So this Drawventure, I will be selfish and try all sorts of fun things to my heart’s content.

One of my favorite things about Drawventure is that it’s an excellent way to jumpstart art development. The things you learn during the art marathon, you can continue to practice at your own pace for the rest of the month. I would love to hear what your goals are and your experience with Drawventure. Don’t forget to support other artists participating by giving words of encouragement.

Haven’t heard of Drawventure? You can catch up here.

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  1. Leslie Hazareel

    Awe, man! Saturday and the day before Easter? I won’t have much time at all for this #Drawventure, again. Shoe retail as no mercy when it comes to personal matters, but no matter what I’ll still put something out. This month I really want to focus my attention on taking more time with piece and giving them more TLC.. And also, shadows. I wanna learn more shadows. Thanks, again, for this! ☺️❤️ Much love!

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