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Drawventure is a monthly art marathon on the first Saturday of every month, a special time to set aside to improve as artists.

The beautiful thing about art is that there is always something to explore and skills to develop. What are your goals as an creative individual? Do you wish to become better at color, anatomy, composition? Join me and many others who also have the same dreams as you to become better artists. Below are simple steps on how to participate!

[icon name= “list”] Create a list of weaknesses you want to work on

[icon name= “pencil”] Tackle the challenge and draw!

[icon name= “heart”] Share your progress with the hashtag #DRAWVENTURE

Right now, think about what challenges you encounter with your art. Be honest with yourself, the first step towards improving is pinpointing your weaknesses. Share your goals with your peers on social media with the hashtag #DRAWVENTURE so we can all support you on your adventure.

In addition to the art marathon, I also host Drawventure Live in the morning, a live stream on my YouTube channel featuring talks with other artists about art supplies, overcoming art blocks, and tons of other topics.

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[icon name= “heart”] Share your #DRAWVENTURE creation and get inspired [icon name= “heart”]



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[eight_col pos=”last”]Meet Nuri Durr. You may know him as Actionhankbeard on Instagram/Tumblr. If you don’t, that needs to change. I’m incredibly honored to announce Nuri will be September’s special guest on Drawventure Live. Based in Atlanta, this talented artist has brought back cherished memories in many of us through his breath-taking Copic illustrations. His attention to detail and strong discipline is absolutely inspiring. Already a big fan of his work? Feel free to submit a question using the form on the left. We shall try our best to answer them all!

For more information about Nuri:
Instagram: http://instagram.com/actionhankbeard/
Shop: http://nuridurr.bigcartel.com

When: Saturday, September 5th 12PM Central Time
Where: Juicy Ink YouTube Channel
RSVP: Google Hangouts On Air[/eight_col]


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