Deadhead Society

VictoriaGedvillas_DeadHeadSociety3Boo! Today I want to share a really cool brand called Deadhead Society. They launched a new online store filled with zombie apparel, undead accessories, and ghoulish art. My favorite part about Deadhead Society is that it feels like Halloween all year round. I was lucky enough to get my hands on one of the last Salem Undead Tote bags. But no worries there are more tote bags available on their website. Their bags conveniently holds all my art supplies when I’m on the go. In the photo I’m also wearing one of their spooky accessories, Zombie Ouija Hands. I love this necklace! Creepy zombie hands adorned with a nice black chain that I’m not allergic to, yay! Best part is, all their shirts are screen printed by hand and their accessories are assembled by hand too!

[one_third pos=”first”]DeadHeadSociety_NOSHcover[/one_third] [one_third pos=”last”]DeadHeadSociety_NOSH[/one_third]

DeadHead Society is operated by three artist, Miguel the blunt weapon master, Kiki the assault weapons master, and Ari the blade master. Together they collaborated on a zombie food themed zine called Nosh, filled with delectable illustrations by DeadHead Society artists. Above is an exclusive excerpt of the zine and one of the optional covers.

This week, Deadhead Soceity has an awesome sale of 15% off all items plus free shipping on orders over $40.

VictoriaGedvillas_DeadHeadSocietyPhoto Credit: Chris Honiball

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