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Drum roll please! The Cute As A Button sketch card set releases today! I’ve been anxiously waiting to share all the cards I produced for the set. I’m madly in love with each card I created and a bit sad I had to depart from them. Hopefully these adorable cards find lovely new homes! Are you ready for all the in-depth process work? Let’s go!

To start off with, lets highlight the requirements I had to meet on this project. I was given twenty cards, for every ten cards I’m allowed a pair of puzzle pieces, the characters have to be my original creation, full body with color colored background.

For all my process work, I used 32lb color copy paper by Hammermill. It’s not like normal 20lb computer paper with its strange gritty textures and translucent features. This 32lb paper is beautiful with its 100 brightness and extra smooth surface, my mechanical pencil glides effortlessly!

Keeping my requirements and theme of the set in mind, I write down all possible ideas, no matter how lame or weird they might be. Eliminating negative judgment during this process frees your mind to discover hidden gems! One of my favorite aspects about working on sketch cards is that I challenge myself to draw something I normally wouldn’t have. For examples, the fairies, sunflowers, knights, and astronauts are ideas I really want to explore but never had a reason to. Now that I have good amount ideas to pick from, I begin to thumbnail the ideas that are most attractive to me.

Pulling from the list above, I explore each idea, sometimes combining ideas to make a more unique illustration! Hooray for synergy! In the little thumbnail, I experiment with different angles and composition. These cards are so tiny, it’s a challenge to fit a full body! As the process continues, I find out quickly if a particular concept is not going to work or I find a concept I really like and I’ll run with it! In this case, I was really intrigued with witches, candy, fairies, and mermaids.

Torianne_CB06_ColorStudiesCOLOR STUDIES
I’ll admit, I do get antsy doing so much process work. Sometimes I just need to finish a card and feel a sense of accomplishment. I jump right in with my first card, the mermaid with lavender hair! This particular card did spark an entire series of rainbow mermaids. It was a challenge to coordinate each card in terms of body position and color scheme.

As always my initial drawing was done with a Prismacolor Col-Erase pencil in Rose. I most certainly do a color study before I add copic coloring to the card, I do not have the luxury of ruining a card. I was given twenty exactly. At this stage, I juggle a bunch of cards at once, sketch a few then color.

Another particular challenge I face is not having the actual paper of the sketch cards to produce accurate color studies. The 32lb generates lovely color studies, but they do not translate well to the cards. The bristol-like card produces more intense color in comparison to the light and airy feel of my color studies.

Instead of using a Pilot Pocket Brush Pen to detail outlines, I used a Hi-Tec C Gel Pen 0.25 in brown. The black brush pen was too heavy for the cute, whimsical theme, plus it feathers like crazy on these particular cards. You may wonder what all the wiggle markers on my color studies are. Those were my attempts to revive my Hi-Tec C pen. Unfortunately the Hi-Tec C skips a lot.

To see one of the cards in the making, please check out my recent Ladybug sketch card video on YouTube!

Torianne_CB04 Torianne_CB02Torianne_CB03
To purchase a pack, please visit CHADPOPS Entertainment group on Facebook!

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  1. I love your drawings they inspired me to keep on trying and try harder to reach my goal

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