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Succulent Pencil Sketch

Since I wasn’t able to complete a full colored drawing on Day Eight of my Sketchbook Video Challenge, I was able to take my time and scan the succulent art work! As promised, here is the pencil sketch of this cutie. Feel free to print as many as you like and test all sorts of mediums. I would love to see what you create so please tag me, Torianne00, when you share! It would be super cool if you dropped a comment below of your finished piece so we can see all the creations together. Have fun! Read More

The Importance of Sketchbooks

I seriously sketchbooks

I seriously sketchbooks

Yesterday I mustered up my courage and ventured to unknown places to do one thing. Draw. Since I moved to Nashville, I’ve been nervous to wonder around by myself, and as a consequence my sketchbook has suffered. Back in Florida, I spent a lot of my time in cafés and books stores, constantly doodling. Occasionally I would meet up with my dear friends Jen and Kiki after work and just geek out about art. I miss those days!

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Drawventure February 2015


Hey everyone! The next Drawventure is this Saturday, February 7th. For those on the other side of the planet, feel free to join in on Sunday! I’ve been looking forward to this day all month!! I absolutely love Drawventure because it’s a whole day devoted to art without any other nagging responsibilities. It’s a time to be selfish and pick at those creative curiosities that accumulate over time.

If you haven’t heard of Drawventure before, I invite you to join me in this monthly art marathon to improve ourselves as artists. The beautiful thing about art is that there is always something to explore and skills to develop. What are your goals as an creative individual? Do you wish to become better at color, anatomy, composition? Join me and many others who also have the same dreams as you to become better artists. Below are simple steps on how to participate!

  1. Create a list of weaknesses you want to work on
  2. Tackle the challenge and draw!
  3. Share your progress with the hashtag #DRAWVENTURE

Right now, think about what challenges you encounter with your art. Be honest with yourself, the first step towards improving is pinpointing your weaknesses. Share your goals with your peers on social media with the hashtag #DRAWVENTURE so we can all support you on your adventure. This month I’ll be exploring a different medium, digital painting! I’m really excited to dive in this medium for the entire day and discover a workflow that works for me.

I encourage everyone to explore #DRAWVENTURE and support your fellow peers. A simple cheerful comment or helpful advice can work wonders on an artist’s development. You might be surprised to see there are a lot of artists that have the same challenges as you. I can’t wait to see everyone’s art work, let’s make this the best Drawventure yet!

It would be super awesome if you could help spread the word about this art marathon and share this photo. To learn more about Drawventure, visit the previous posts with helpful tips and this post where it all started.

Drawventure! Art Marathon

Earlier this week I mentioned I was thinking of doing an art marathon, a day to devoted to art and having fun. It was awesome to see some of you interested in joining. Today I’m here to tell you its on! Let’s have fun tomorrow and explore art to our hearts’ content.

The goal of Drawventure is to challenge yourself to work on a personal weakness — could be environments, working faster, portraits, hands, or even just getting started. For an example, my personal challenge is going to be to explore more dynamic poses in my illustrations. It’s what you make out of it. We all strive to become better at our craft. You can share your progress for others to see using the hashtag #drawventure. We all work often, but sometimes pushing ourselves over the limit will help us discover something new.



1. Identify what you would like to achieve on this adventure
2. Tackle the challenge and draw!
3. Share art with #DRAWVENTURE hashtage on your favorite social media

I know it can be intimidating to share artwork that you’re not sure about, but as an art community we are here to help. So please don’t be shy and share! One of my biggest regrets when I was in art school was the lack of confidence I had in my work and holding back because I was intimidated by all the talented people around me. It created a huge setback in my work and I really wish I wasn’t super silly about it. The people around me in school were the sweetest people ever and are friends for life. On this Drawventure, share challenges you wish to tackle and reach out to other artists. Who knows, you might make a cool new friend on this journey :3

I need your help to spread the word about Drawventure so more artist can join in on the fun! Feel free to share this blog post with friends and more. Lets work together to become better artists!

Good luck everyone, I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Juicy Ink Kickstarter

The last fews days have been pretty crazy, but in a good way! One of my biggest dreams has always been to professionally print an art book — and guess what!? This dream has been made possible through my Kickstarter project Juicy Ink, a collection of my copic art and ink work. So much has happened the past few days, I’m still pretty swept off my feet from the rush.

When I was a student at Ringling, I would spend countless hours in the library. They pretty much have every art-related book imaginable plus more. One of my favorite things to do was read the “Art of” books and sketchbooks of illustrators. While flipping through the pages, my heart would always clench and I would think to myself “man this is amazing.” I would fantasize the rest of the day about having an art book published and hoping I could one day inspire another artist too. After a while I would snap out of it, saying to my self that it was impossible and that I need to work harder. JuicyInk_pagesex Shortly after graduation, I started working at David & Goliath Tees as a graphic artist producing humous shirt designs. While I was there, I was able to work on a lot of amazing projects and grew quickly as an artist. But I found myself wanting to improve even more, so I dedicated hours at night for my personal art. Every night I would post a piece of art on Instagram and discovered that people actually like my art. The support I received from friends and followers on Instagram has inspired me to do so much more. I started a personal project creating stationery goods and cute accessories as Tori & Ollie, and attended a few comic conventions with my dear friend Jennipho showcasing our super cute booth. Eventually I left Florida and moved to Nashville, TN to pursue my career as an independent artist. The journey of going solo has been scary but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Juicy Ink represents my journey as an artist. Earlier this year I posted the first few drawings from my Rendr sketchbook, and it’s amazing to see how much my art has grown. I want to inspire other artists to push forward in their dreams and share how true dedication to your passion can be rewarding. Help me spread the word about Juicy Ink to as many people as possible. Thank you so much for your encouragement and support in this Kickstarter campaign, I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you! JuicyInk_pagesex2