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D&G Summer 2014 Catalog

DnG Summer Catalog

While working at David and Goliath, I had the opportunity to work on our Summer 2014 catalog that was prepared for our attendance at Magic Market Week in Vegas. A few of my apparel graphics were introduced in this release. It was great to see the whole David and Goliath team work together on one project. I was in charge of prepping the product images and refining the indesign layout. We were also in the transition of adding new fashion shirts to our line, which I’m super excited about. It was fun working behind the scenes coordinating news colors and styles with our line and the possibilities of print I can play with. Below is a preview of the printed catalog. I must say, I really do enjoy laying out books. Is that odd?

DnG Summer Catalog-2

Here are some shirts that I created for David and Goliath. The first two tanks, Bitchy but Cute and Puurr Evil, were collaborations with the Vice President, Billy Campisciano. He is so cool to work with, very up beat and positive. The other collaborations is with my Art Director, Anthony Yankovic, on Trouble, the two pandas doodling on the Mona Lisa. I worked on the pandas and he added the Mona Lisa with the doodle face in the mix. I am so honored to be working with such an incredible artist. Here is his website to see more of his work http://anthonyyankovic.comSUMMERDNG_FASHION

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Turtle Nesting Patrol

TURTLETRACKRecently I was offered the opportunity to do Turtle Nesting Patrol with Clearwater Marine Aquarium. The company I work full-time for is responsible for majority of the apparel available at the local aquarium. I love working on this project through David and Goliath. The Clearwater Marine Aquarium rescues, rehabilitate, and releases animals back to the wild. They do amazing things at their facilities, its an honor to design graphics for them.

The David and Goliath team joined the Turtle Nesting Patrol early in the morning before dawn to search the beaches for turtle tracks. We searched all the way from St. Pete Beach to Clearwater beach. Even though we didn’t find any nest, we did see three false crawls. False crawls is when the female sea turtle decides not to lay her eggs and makes her way back the water. Sea turtles will lay eggs again after 15 days. It was pretty cool to see the tracks the turtles made by dragging their body and moving sand around with their flippers. The Turtle Nesting Patrol is a very knowledgable team and super friendly. They explained how the sea turtle lay their eggs and what the nest looks like. They also relocate nest if its too close to shore or if its in the beach restoration zone. I’m thankful I was able to part take in the experience.

[one_third pos=”first”] TURTLEPATROL [/one_third] [one_third pos=”last”] GROUP2 [/one_third]

Clearwater Marine Aquarium:

Miso Cray and Ninja Night Pj Party

I’m excited to announce that two pattern designs I created for David and Goliath Tees have been released! The first pattern was created for one of their best sellers, Miso Cray. The shirt graphic was created by another artist. I had the pleasure of illustrating fortune cookies, sushi rolls, egg rolls, and little tofu on the run. The second pattern was also created for another best seller, Lazy Days Ninja Nights. The goal was to take a more kawaii vector look in comparison to the photo-collaged original graphic.

The lounge set and shorts are available here. For a limited time, the pj sets are $10 off, so grab them while you can!

[one_third pos=”first”] djlws-16527-bk_misocray [/one_third] [one_third pos=”last”] djlwb-16528_misocray-boxer [/one_third] MISO-01

[one_third pos=”first”] djlws-16531-bk_ninjanights [/one_third] [one_third pos=”last”] boxer-16531-bk_ninjanights [/one_third]


97X Next Big Thing 2013


When I first started working at David and Goliath Tees, I was given a project to design band tee shirts for 97X upcoming major event, Next Big Thing. 97X is a modern rock radio station located in Tampa, FL. Every year they host a music festival in St. Petersburg with a huge line up of bands. This particular year showcased 30 Seconds to Mars, Stone Temple Pilots, Jimmy Eat World and more. My objective was to design a doodle graphic capturing the life of this concert. I had a blast working on this project, between collaborating with the art director and participating in the event itself.

Next Big Thing 2013 took place at Vinoy park, looking over Tampa Bay. During the time, it was decided that the St. Petersburg Pier would be permanently closed and possibly torn down for future establishments. This year’s concert might have been the last time it would have the awesome upside down pyramid landmark next door. To commemorate it, I included the building in the background. It was a fun challenge to fit everything in, from the crowd surfing musicians and music lovers to Shark Head of 97x. My favorite part is the Jagermeister rocking out in the back. The graphic was printed on two different color raglans. Here are some pictures of people wearing my design.

[one_third pos=”first”] VGedvillas_NBT02 [/one_third] [one_third pos=”last”] VGedvillas_NBT01 [/one_third]
I also helped sell shirts at the event with the amazing David and Goliath crew. It was awesome to see people’s reaction and getting to hear what people like about David and Goliath. The concert was super fun, there was a huge turnout and everyone was incredibly friendly. The concert also had an awesome line up of food trucks, food is the way to my heart. Overall it was a truly rewarding experience, I can’t wait to do it again next December.



All Images ©David&Goliath Inc 2013
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Spring 2014 Preview Tee Shirts

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A few shirt designs I did for David & Goliath are now available for purchase on their website! There is something for everybody, both men and women. My favorite is the Totally Buzzed, bees are too cute. For those who can twerk, please buy this shirt and show off your mad skills, because I can not twerk to save my life.

To purchase, visit