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Freebie Friday No. 04

Hello there! Thank you for swinging by and downloading this week’s Freebie Friday sketch. I’m super excited to see your marvelous creation, feel free to ink, color, digital paint, zbrush, anything your heart desires! The pencil sketch is a bit darker than the previous weeks, please do let me know if you prefer pencil sketches this way. As always, tag me @torianne00 on Instagram, I’ll be sharing ten submissions during next week’s Freebie Friday video.

The drawing is for my Patreon postcard reward, I’m thrilled to share my first mecha babe print with my amazing Patrons. To sign up for exclusive Patreon artwork mailed to you once a month, please visit

Pencil Sketch DOWNLOAD

Freebie Friday No. 03

Yay! It’s Freebie Friday!! I realized I haven’t shared a mermaid sketch to download yet, quite shocking since I love drawing them so much!! For this week’s freebie, I would like for your to focus on creating unique textures. Step out side of the norm! You’ll be surprised by what you can create. It will look and feel really awkward at first, but stick through it :3 You’ll find your texture making rhythm soon 😀

As always, feel free to share your creation on social media and tag me @torianne00. I haven’t decided on a hashtag yet – I’m finding it rather difficult to hunt down submissions and worried I’m missing them. Have a fun hashtag idea? Drop it down in the comments below and I will announce the official hashtag next Freebie Friday while sharing amazing inked masterpiece by artists like you!

Only a few day’s of Inktober left! Hang in there!

Pencil Sketch DOWNLOAD

Freebie Friday No. 02

Who’s ready for another round of Freebie Friday!! I encourage you to print many copies and explore inking to your hearts content. Have no fear in making a mistake, I’m cheering for you! Please do tag me @torianne00 on Instagram/Twitter/Tumblr if you decided to share your inking exercise, you may see it on next weeks episode of Freebie Friday. Super excited to see what you create!!

PS. Do you have a name suggestion for this lady of death? Drop them in the comments :3 Thank you!

Pencil Sketch DOWNLOAD


Freebie Friday No. 01

Welcome to Freebie Friday! The latest edition to my new YouTube schedule, who’s excited!? Once a week, I’ll share a free downloadable pencil sketch featured in Friday’s video. Feel free to print as many copies as you like and have fun inking! You can color the pencil sketch traditional or digital. If you share your drawing on social media, please tag me @torianne00, because I would love to see your creation! On my Instagram Stories, I’ll post submissions by artists like you! So make sure to keep an eye out for it!

For this weeks pencil sketch, there are two versions. The low opacity is what I used in the video :3

Low Opacity DOWNLOAD


Happy Inktober!!

I’m thrilled to announce I’ll be participating in Inktober this year. To celebrate, here is the pencil sketch from Day Two. Feel free to print as many copies as you like, I hope this helps in your inking adventures! I would love to see what you create, please tag me @torianne00 on Instagram, Twitter, which ever is your jam. I will be inking this pencil sketch again towards the end of the challenge to see how much I have progressed.

For more information about Inktober, please visit

Human Luna Pencil Sketch: DOWNLOAD