Art Supply Essentials

Some of you have asked what kind of pens I use and what art supplies I recommend, so I made a special video that goes over my top essentials that go with me everywhere. I hope you find it useful!

I have fallen in love with making videos. Its another art form for me to express myself and have fun. Best of all, I love connecting with all my subscribers, hearing their feedback, their experiences with art, and what they would like to see. I filmed this video over multiple days, constantly pushing myself to make the video better. A few challenges I faced was presenting a dull topic in an interesting way. I wanted to include footage of what these art supplies mean to me, because they are a part of my everyday life. I’ll admit, I do have an art supply obsession, especially with pens. anyone?

The program I use to edit my videos is Adobe Premiere Pro, part of the Adobe Creative Cloud services. Every time I get a certain function on lock down, I discover something else I need to learn and its awesome!! I’m slowly getting used to being in front of the camera and being myself. In my first video I was awkwardly stiff, here’s a video of that embarrassment. The outdoor shots were taken around downtown Nashville, thankfully on a less busy day. I spooked a few onlookers with all the funny faces I made. There are some examples of my quirkiness in the bloopers below. My cat is a huge, fluffy obstacle whenever I work, and she shows up in my videos frequently by running in the frame to investigate what I’m up to. I pour a lot of work into making these videos and I’m excited when it all comes together. If you haven’t yet, subscribe to my YouTube channel to get the latest updates and tutorials.


Juicy Ink Kickstarter is in its final week! So much excitement going on and amazing people backing the project. This week I will be redesigning the cover and creating the exclusive art print. We are a little more than halfway towards reaching the stretch goal of $4,000 to make the book a 52-page art book. I really do hope to reach this stretch goal so I can add the recent art I’ve been working on. I can’t wait to draw everyones’ surprise drawing rewards and have the book printed. I love laying out books so much, its kinda cheesy. When I was previously working at David & Goliath, I would layout catalogs for trade shows and other purposes. Most of all I can’t wait to write everyone thank you notes and send backers rewards, because there’s nothing better than getting a special snail mail package. If you haven’t supported the book yet, definitely head over to Kickstarter and back so you’re guaranteed a signed copy.


Brown Bear Butterfly Pencil Pouch –
Prismacolor Colerase Pencils 24 pack –
Pilot Pocket Brush Pen Soft –
Pentel Aquash Brush in Light Black –
Uniball Signo UM 153 White Gel Pen –
Prismacolor Pencil Sharpener
Staedtler Plastic Eraser

Moleskine Sketchbook A4 –
Moleskine Sketchbook Mini –

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