97X Next Big Thing 2013


When I first started working at David and Goliath Tees, I was given a project to design band tee shirts for 97X upcoming major event, Next Big Thing. 97X is a modern rock radio station located in Tampa, FL. Every year they host a music festival in St. Petersburg with a huge line up of bands. This particular year showcased 30 Seconds to Mars, Stone Temple Pilots, Jimmy Eat World and more. My objective was to design a doodle graphic capturing the life of this concert. I had a blast working on this project, between collaborating with the art director and participating in the event itself.

Next Big Thing 2013 took place at Vinoy park, looking over Tampa Bay. During the time, it was decided that the St. Petersburg Pier would be permanently closed and possibly torn down for future establishments. This year’s concert might have been the last time it would have the awesome upside down pyramid landmark next door. To commemorate it, I included the building in the background. It was a fun challenge to fit everything in, from the crowd surfing musicians and music lovers to Shark Head of 97x. My favorite part is the Jagermeister rocking out in the back. The graphic was printed on two different color raglans. Here are some pictures of people wearing my design.

[one_third pos=”first”] VGedvillas_NBT02 [/one_third] [one_third pos=”last”] VGedvillas_NBT01 [/one_third]
I also helped sell shirts at the event with the amazing David and Goliath crew. It was awesome to see people’s reaction and getting to hear what people like about David and Goliath. The concert was super fun, there was a huge turnout and everyone was incredibly friendly. The concert also had an awesome line up of food trucks, food is the way to my heart. Overall it was a truly rewarding experience, I can’t wait to do it again next December.



All Images ©David&Goliath Inc 2013
[one_third pos=”0″] VGedvillas_NBT03Thats me working the booth! [/one_third]

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